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The Cantata Editions catalogue now contains 621 editions, transcriptions and compact discs which means our full catalogue is well over 3 Mb. As a result we have decided to speed access by providing immediate search facilities. Please choose how you would like to browse from the drop down lists below.

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We specialise in publishing works which are difficult to find or have not been reproduced in modern editions. All of our editions are based upon the original manuscripts or period printings and editorial changes are clearly marked so that performers are able to make informed choices in preparing the works.

All Cantata Editions are printed on heavy (100gsm) paper, comb-bound for easier reading and protected by card and plastic covers.

This site uses the CODA Finale ® plugin for viewing scores on Windows ® machines. If you don't have it installed you can download it from the viewing page. To preview MIDI files, press stop in your browser first to cease embedded music files on the cantata sites.

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